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The trouble with now is there is no time and everything is really bleak. I'm sure that's a lie, but it does feel that way. By the way, I'm not referring to the world in general (although...?), I'm more thinking about my relationship with the photography community.

The only connection I currently have with anyone outside of my own photographic ramblings (i.e. this website) is through Instagram and Facebook. Frankly, I'm getting so bored of the necessity to keep up "being present" on these sites.

Lack of time is due to many things but mostly its down to the need to keep my family sane and the workload I have had over the past year due to the pandemic (I work for a resource management software company, mainly directed toward HE/FE).

Christmas has given me some time to reflect. As I can't really get out far (due again to Covid), many of my current plans are a bit subdued. I want to drive around the countryside snapping away (as I now have my van), I want to perhaps travel into London to see some shows and talks, it would be really nice to start to engage in a real world, actual face to face way with some of my photographic contemporaries, but this isn't going to happen soon.

In my heart I feel the right thing to do now is to get setup. I have some film to be processed, my darkroom really does need some TLC as does my inkjet printer, and I have good ideas that are starting to form (see this website homepage for further info). I will concentrate on these ideas and spend some money fixing stuff up. Any further images I make, I'll add to the relevant pages on this website.

I'm feeling that I should forget the social media stuff just at the moment. I'll keep it running, just in case I suddenly need to promote myself, but I'll just add my thoughts and share my photographs here on this website.

So for the time being this will be my only outlet, perhaps until such a time I'm ready to display or share or what have you. It will probably mean no one will read this. Actually I kind of like that statement; my work, just being out there with absolutely no connection to anything! At least it's out there!

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