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Updated: Jan 6

In 2007 I met a guy called Jim who had a very good idea to promote boxing in a slightly different way. Through his contacts I managed to photograph a number of boxers at various stages of progression through their careers.

The thing that stayed with me ever since is the discipline and dedication that these guys displayed. The whole culture surrounding boxing is focused toward these goals. There is some kind of shedding of who you are, where you've come from, what your politics or creed or religion is, there is just discipline and dedication to (I guess, I don't know) the fight.

As I've continued to go through my archive I've dug out these images and re-edited them as a series. At this stage (as it was some time ago and the boxers themselves haven't recently cleared the images) I'll just post them here, If I get any kind of feedback, I'll get in touch with them and perhaps share a little more widely.

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