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An amateur email conversation with my Dad

From: 'Peter' Sent: 04 June 2020 09:16 To: 'nick'

Subject: Amateur?

I don’t think you should label yourself as an amateur. Wherever did that come from? Lack of big buck earnings doesn’t make you an ‘amateur’ in the present second meaning of the word. From Google:


1. 1.

engaging or engaged in without payment; non-professional.

"amateur athletics"






2. 2.

done in an incompetent or inept way.

"it's all so amateur!"








From: 'nick'

Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 11:11 AM

To: 'Peter'

Subject: RE: Amateur?

Thanks Dad,

I know, but to be honest I do want to label myself thus. I don’t want any burden or expectation, the sharing of my work is for myself and for the interest of anyone who views my work.

The nuance of the photographic artist vs the professional photographer is complex. Some professional photographers look to the heights of technique and therefore their own wonderful ability to tell the photographic story as how they see it, it’s a kind of arrogant and narcissistic idea that everyone should follow their path. I think I have recently come to the conclusion that this is not the way I want to be, its always been an issue for me.

Photographic art in its purist form on the other hand (not saying there aren’t tones of artists who are swanning around blowing their egos into peoples faces like some kind of halitosis), in its purist form, is a dialogue between the photographic record and the viewer, the photographer is sharing this record in a minor and discreet way, kind of like a facilitator..

And anyway, some of my incompetent, inept, useless, unskillful, inexpert, clumsy work is my best! 😉

From: 'Peter' Sent: 05 June 2020 12:29 To: nick@visualrambling.com Subject: Re: Amateur?

Okay Nick, I shall interpret ‘amateur’ in a post-rhetorical sense. (It would take on the role better though if it were in capitals – don’t you think?)


From: 'nick'

Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2020 9:26 AM

To: 'Peter'

Subject: RE: Amateur?

Ahhh, that might make it political.. Do you mind if I post this as a blog entry?

From: 'Peter'

Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2020 11.03 AM

To: 'nick'

Subject: RE: Amateur?

Not at all.

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